First Time Buyers Mortgages

These days there are some very innovative first time buyer’s mortgages around. These can range from Shared ownership mortgages, Interest only mortgages, Mortgages with parents to Graduate mortgages and many others. Circumstances will dictate which of these mortgages will best suite you.

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The current uncertainty in the housing market indicates that any first time buyer needs to plan ahead, and were possible insure that through regular saving a deposit is available when applying for a mortgage. A first time buyers deposit is what is required as a lump sum of money put forward towards the purchase of a property with the mortgage making up the difference in equity required to purchase the property.

If you haven’t already done so before deciding on which mortgage you should chose we would recommend you take specialist non committal advice. This should allow you to make an informed comparison of products before selecting which is right for you.

Deciding on the right mortgage is for most people the biggest financial decision they will make.

This service offers you access to a full range of mortgages and re-mortgage products (UK only).

Getting the right mortgage for you is essential. Making sure your repayments are competitively low and that you don’t pay over the odds for your mortgage is most important.

First time buyers and homeowners using Choice Mortgages should consider how much the product costs to arrange, any early repayment costs, the initial rate and the APR before making your final decision.

Please note if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage your house could be repossessed. Not all mortgages are regulated by the Financial Services Authority.